Passionate team of specialists creating value for our partners.
Established in 2022
Based in Vilnius, Lithuania
7 People
Bringing ideas to life
We are essentially where creativity meets functionality. Our team is a blend different marketing specialists, dedicated to delivering solutions that work for you. With a mixture of experience, skill, and creativity, we can elevate your brand to new heights.
Passionate team of specialists creating value for our partners
Erikas Raščius
Tyler Miller
Co-Founder, Partner
Taylor Miller
Co-Founder, Partner
Kristiana Jurkutė
Marketing specialist
Sofija Grabauskaitė
Marketing specialist
Domantas Kostas Ausiejus
Sales representative
Danielius Aganson
Sales representative
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As the old aphorism goes, communication is key. And we truly believe this is the case in building lasting, meaningful, and sucessful partnerships. By understanding your unique values and strengths, we can tailor a strategy that highlights what sets you apart. So, let’s talk.